Doubtless Strategic is in the business of problem solving. We spend time working with people and companies, bringing our knowledge-based, value-driven analytical perspective to try and assist clients with the unique problems that they face. Our core expertise lies in exploring and assessing the alternative actions and strategies available to our clients, assessing their implications, then utilising our expertise and market knowledge to assist clients to optimise outcomes.

Knowledge is the key. It is the cornerstone of context, perspective and of understanding. Many industries today are grappling with problems that need this kind of context and perspective in order to properly understand what is happening in the marketplace, and only then is it possible to chart a way to the future.

For assistance or for information on Doubtless Strategic’s services please contact hugh@doubtlessstrategic.co.nz.

Hugh Ammundsen

The director of Doubtless Strategic Limited is Hugh Ammundsen.
Hugh commenced a career that has covered credit and industry analysis, economic analysis, equity analysis and valuation, corporate finance and strategic consultancy since 1985. This included nine years as an equity analyst, including periods as Head of Research with two sharebroking firms. During this time he worked variously as a generalist covering a wide range of companies and industries, and also as a specialist in particular industries including utilities, telecommunications and transport.

Hugh transferred to the Corporate Finance Department of ANZ Investment Bank in 1996, spending five years working on a range of transactions including valuations, mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt capital raisings, industry studies and other forms of strategic financial advice.


Hugh has been involved in a range of transactions from initial public offerings, equity underwriting, private equity, takeovers and mergers, buy outs, joint ventures, and divestments. He has authored major research publications analysing the companies, competitive structures and regulatory issues affecting several significant industries. Hugh also writes on matters of business law.

Hugh continues to provide advice and analytical skills to small and large companies alike.






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